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CR series

[ FAQ & Basic Troubleshooting ]

Q: Why is rotation necessary?

A: The charm of pour-over coffee lies in achieving the most even extraction from the coffee grounds and experiencing the best flavours in the cup. However, brewing a cup of exceptional coffee goes beyond testing the emotions and steadiness of coffee enthusiasts. To ensure that coffee lovers can enjoy a great cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, the core of the oceanrich coffee machine—the simulated pour-over rotating design—guarantees consistent and even extraction from the first drop of water to the last. This ensures that coffee enthusiasts can enjoy coffee with distinct layers and excellent mouthfeel.

Q: Can the rotating coffee machine brew tea?

A: The oceanrich rotating coffee machine can not only brew coffee but also brew tea! We recommend tea enthusiasts to use loose tea leaves (e.g., English breakfast tea, regular tea bags) with the oceanrich rotating coffee machine. This not only helps to avoid over-steeping and bitterness but also enhances the layers and flavours of the tea, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of tea.

Q: What is the difference between the CR8350 Perfect Extraction rotating coffee machine and the CR7352 Classic Extraction rotating coffee machine?

A: Both the CR8350 Perfect Extraction and the CR7352 Classic Extraction belong to the CR series of extraction coffee machines. Please refer to the following comparison chart for the differences between the two.

Q: Is the water tank of the rotating coffee machine made of plastic material safe?

A: The water tank and filter cup of the oceanrich rotating coffee machine are made of food-grade material called "Tritan." Tritan, also known as "Tritan™ Copolyester," has a temperature resistance range of -40 to 100°C. It has also passed the certification of the US FDA, is free of bisphenol A, and is sturdy without leaving any odour or stains. The parts of the oceanrich coffee machine that come into contact with coffee and water have been tested, including SGS 95°C certification and Bureau Veritas 100°C certification. You can buy with confidence.

Q: Why is the water tank of the CR series rotating coffee machine double-layered?

A: The double-layered design of the water tank is to maintain water temperature and prevent rapid temperature drop when pouring, which can affect the coffee flavour. For better insulation, you can fill the water tank with hot water and empty it before brewing coffee to achieve a thermal pot effect.

Q: What type of batteries does the CR series rotating coffee machine use?

A: The CR7352 uses 3 AA alkaline batteries, and the CR8350 uses 2 AA alkaline batteries. After they are depleted, please do not dispose of the batteries. You can still use them in TV remote controls for environmental reuse.

Q: After installing new alkaline batteries in the CR series rotating coffee machine, how many times can it be used?

A: It can be used for at least 150 times when it reaches the auto power-off state after 5 minutes. If you turn off the machine after each brewing, it can be used even more times.

Q: Can the rotation speed or water flow rate be adjusted for the CR series rotating coffee machine?

A: The CR series home rotating coffee machine is designed to be minimalist, compact, and convenient, so it does not have adjustable rotation speed or water flow rate.

Q: What type of filter paper does the CR series rotating coffee machine use?

A: You can use  cone shaped filter papers available in the market for 1-2 cups.

Q: If the glass carafe of the CR series rotating coffee machine is broken, how can I purchase a new one?

A: You can purchase the CR8350BD glass carafe [purchase link] and the CR7352AD glass carafe [purchase link] on the official oceanrich shopping website.

Q: How do I clean the filter cup of the CR series rotating coffee machine?

A: Place a spoonful of baking soda in a basin and dissolve it in hot water above 90°C. Fully immerse the filter cup in the hot baking soda water and let it soak for 15 minutes. Then gently shake it in the water and rinse it with clean water (if there is stubborn coffee residue, you can extend the soaking time).

Q: Why does the water in the water tank run out, but the rotating coffee machine keeps rotating?

A: The CR series rotating coffee machine has a 5-minute auto-stop feature, so even if you forget to turn it off after brewing coffee, it won't waste electricity.

Q: Why does the rotating coffee machine stop rotating even though the water in the water tank hasn't run out?

A: The CR series rotating coffee machine has a 5-minute auto-stop feature. It is possible that you turned on the switch too early before the hot water boiled. By the time the hot water boils and is poured into the water tank, the 5-minute timer has already expired, and the coffee machine automatically stops. In this case, simply press the start button again.

Q: What should I do if I replace the batteries with new ones, but the rotating coffee machine still doesn't rotate?


Step 1: Make sure that the batteries you have replaced are brand new "alkaline batteries." Carbon-zinc batteries and rechargeable batteries may not have enough power and voltage to start the coffee machine. Using partially used batteries may also cause issues with starting.

Step 2: If the above steps are correct and the coffee machine still doesn't start properly, please email info@oceanrich.tw, and someone will assist you. (For detailed repair procedures, please refer to this link)