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Warranty & Repair Process

Q: How long is the product warranty? Where should I register my product?

A: Product purchased from oceanrich official website is entitled to a one-year product warranty. Please make sure to register your product to protect your warranty rights. Thank you! [ Product registration link ] Only available in Taiwan.

Q: What are the contact methods for repairs?

A: Please fill out the [ Product Repair Form ] directly to expedite the process. For any inquiries, please email to info@oceanrich.tw or call the customer service hotline at 06-2615325. 

Q: Which country can warranty policy apply?

A: Due to different policies of local agents, warranty services for products ordered on our official website are limited to 1 year and only available in Taiwan.

Q: How long does it take for product repair in case of a malfunction?

A: Scheduled for repair in the order received; the inspection is expected to take 3-7 business days. Please refer to the detailed repair process and instructions below: